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9" LOOKAH Mushroom Bong Water Pipe

9" LOOKAH Mushroom Bong Water Pipe
9" LOOKAH Mushroom Bong Water Pipe
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Description for 9" LOOKAH Mushroom Bong Water Pipe

Lookah Glass has been so popular with its whimsical new dab rigs. It's hard to add bold themes to wax rigs while maintaining functional design and construction quality, but this Crazy Mushrooms small dab rig has both.

Starting with the thick, solid foundation typical of all Lookah's glass, this mini dab rig shows exemplary quality. The shape of an egg for the main chamber gives the impression of a crystal ball or glass container with a few small mushrooms growing happily within. Once you hit it up, those mushrooms erupt with a fountain of heady spores ready to carry you off on a delightful trip.

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