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Lookah Glass

Model: 1550GM
Description for 19.5" The LOOKAH Glass Monster Quad Water PipePrepare your lungs: This lab is ready to go, and it can handle the intake! This new glass bong looks incredible, like something a mad scientist would cook up.The base and neck form a beautiful hourglass shape in the center, surrounde..
Model: OCT-WPC731
Description for 8.6" LOOKAH Glass Octopus Water Pipes And BongsThe octopus bong is the perfect mini water pipe by Lookah Glass.Specializing in unique bongs, we have gone all out on the aesthetics and performance of this latest animal work with its gorgeous octopus.This small water pipe comes wi..
Model: LKH-09
Description for 9" LOOKAH Mushroom Bong Water PipeLookah Glass has been so popular with its whimsical new dab rigs. It's hard to add bold themes to wax rigs while maintaining functional design and construction quality, but this Crazy Mushrooms small dab rig has both.Starting with the thick, sol..
Model: 595GM
Description for Big Mom Glass Water Pipe With Melting FaceThe melting face bong from Big Mom has a built-in downstem with a slitted percolator dropping into an hourglass-shaped chamber that delivers quick filtered hits. The artistic design is adorned with a melting face with a bulging eye ..
Model: BMHD-C42
Description for Big Mom Horned Design Water PipeAre you feeling horny for some herb? Let this Big Mom bong fill your need and deliver up lush clouds to satisfy your craving. Boasting dual chambers, the first with showerhead percolator leading to the second with multi-slit UFO perc, this bo..
Model: 475GM
Description for Big Mom Horned Eye Glass BongThis mini bong from BigMom has a two-tone glass bell-shaped chamber with a clear lower part and dark, brooding upper part. Into this large chamber, the fixed downstem flows, terminating in a multi-slit showerhead percolator. This percolator prod..
Model: BMMY-C44
Description for Big Mom Melting Eye Design Water PipeThe melting eye on this small bong from Big Mom is gorgeously detailed, along with the colors accents to the neck, percolator, and downstem its got great styling. At 10-inches, this small glass bong from Big Mom is perfect for holding in..
Model: 555GM
Description for Big Mom Melting Head Design Water PipeThis 9.5-inch bong from Big Mom makes a bold statement with its beautiful blue and green color-coordinated accents and delightfully detailed melting head. A showerhead percolator with 12 slits in this single chambered bong provides plen..
Model: 530GM
Description for BigMom Bent Neck Daily DriverBig Mom bent neck bong is the perfect daily driver. At 9.5 inches high and at a little over 500 grams, it's a perfect size and weight for taking rips easily. The seven-slotted showerhead percolator offers plenty of filtration without the need fo..
Model: G-WPC763
Description for Giant Chambered Mushroom BongA giant chambered bong with a manic "Mario mushroom" glaring back from the top and inviting you for just one more rip, go you know you want to. This stunning bell-shaped bong is made from impressively thick and durable borosilicate glass with a ..
Model: 1104 GM
Description for T'ataoo Arctic Outlaw Winged Skull Beaker BongThis straight neck beaker bong has the classic laboratory glass shape. The large beaker chamber is etched with a winged skull emblem complete with savage arrows and shield and sword like a badass outlaw looking on over your hits.&nbs..
Model: TKWP-34
Description for ​T'ataoo Kraken Water Pipe BongThe Kraken water pipe bong is an amazingly intricate glass piece from the artists at T'ataoo. At just 6 inches or so high, it is a compact mini bong that really packs a punch. A realistic cephalopod-like shape body sits acts as a mouthpiece wi..
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